Arcadia Movie Poster
Movie poster for Arcadia
For some time, I've wanted the opportunity to do a for-reals movie poster. I've been doing a lot of movie art and homages to films, but never for anything "official". I'm happy to unveil this piece as my first of (hopefully) many more posters. This one is for the independent film "Arcadia" filmed in and around my hometown of Marietta, Ohio. 
This piece originally was going to be 100% digital, but after doing the first two characters, I decided it wasn't right. As good as digital "pencils" in Photoshop have become, they're not the same as real graphite on real board. So I bit the bullet and bought a 30x40 piece of board, gessoed it and got to work. 
All the drawings were done in pencil on the board, along with the deep blacks, done in acrylic paint. All the coloring was still done in Photoshop, although I plan to revisit the board and finish colors with airbrush and colored pencil. Only then will I feel like this project will be complete. 
Below is the poster and a few closeups. Look for a detailed post on the whole process on my blog very soon. 
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