Avengers Poster
A poster I illustrated for a buddy struggling with lung cancer. It depicts him as all the Avengers, including Black Widow.
I was approached by some co-workers of a mutual friend who had been diagnosed with lung cancer. As he continued to battle (and eventually beat it), they wanted to do something special for him. 
As he was a fan of comics and super heroes, we bounced around a lot of ideas. Everything from a comic book where he was the hero, to trading cards, to a playable card game. Unfortunately, our eyes were bigger than our actual timeline to realistically get anything done. We then landed on an idea to make a movie poster, starring our buddy as every Avenger, including Black Widow :)
So I devised this evil organization called the "Lesion of Doom" and some basic villain designs and went to town. The poster was a ton of fun, and he absolutely loved it. Below is some of the process of creating it.
The very rough sketch, used to block out the characters.
Villain concepts.
The full progression.
The full version, with movie credits.
Me (right) and the happy recipient.
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