Immortan Joe from Mad Max: Fury Road
Immortan Joe, from Mad Max: Fury Road. Digital painting in Photoshop
The villain, Immortan Joe from Mad Max: Fury Road. This is one of my first real attempts at a digital painting, and took quite a long time to complete. But I learned an awful lot from start to finish.
My earliest progress was still very loose and blocky, but as I went, my technique got better and I could eventually see how crude the first parts were. So I went back over it all again and I think it turned out great. I still have a long way to go, but I think I'm getting the hang of it. 
To demonstrate, take a look at a process video showing how I started, and compare it to the finished piece below. 
You can also buy this piece on a t-shirt and other various merch. 
Below is the t-shirt design, made to simulate a cracked and faded 70's-era iron on. You can buy them here.
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